Our specialty adhesive systems are products that have been engineered for particular applications. In most cases they fill a need within certain specific industries. These products have a Technical Data Sheet for you to peruse. Feel free to fill out our contact us page for any questions or special requests.

Animal Glue

     Animal Glue 510 TDS


Contact Cements

     390B Contact Cement

Cox Clear Coat

     Cox Clear Coat-Technical Bulletin


FDA Approved Adhesives


     ER-2109 FDA Compliant Epoxy

     AC-162-3 FDA Compliant Epoxy


Filter adhesives

     Filter Adhesive 505-04 tds 1-2

     Filter Adhesive 505-47AB tds.1-1

     Filter Adhesive A-200-26-2 tds.0-1

     Filter Adhesive P-55-1

     P-173-4 Single Part Heat Cure Vacuum Potting Epoxy

     P-217-4 High Temperature Resistant Single Part Magnet Adhesive


Hot Melts

     3855 Hot Melt

     7732 Hot Melt

     7859 Hot Melt


Moisture Curing Adhesives

     1418 Moisture Cure Urethane Adhesive

     T-81-1 Moisture Cure Urethane Adhesive


Padding Adhesives

     Blackjack QuickDry Padding Adhesive


Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

     4483 Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt

     425 Silk Screen-able Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Emulsion/FDA Compliant

     COX-3550 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


Protein Adhesives

     Pro-bond 1181 Protein Adhesive

     Pro-bond 1550 Protein Adhesive

     Pro-bond 5085 Protein Adhesive

Removable Adhesives

     566 Repositional Adhesive


Repulpable Adhesive

     CoxTack 258-5 Re-pulpable Adhesive


Rubber Binder

     CSC Rubber Binder 9000 TDS


Water Blocking Adhesives

     123741 Cable Fill Silicone Elastomer (Fast Cure)

     123741 Cable Fill Silicone Elastomer (Slow Cure)

     223871 Cable Fill Silicone Elastomer (High Viscosity)

     AB-60-4 Two Part High Voltage Encapsulation Epoxy

     K-15-1  Flexible Potting Compound

     N-300-1 Urethane Casting Compound

     N-453-2 Urethane Encapsulant

     N-483-3 Two Part Urethane Encapsulation Compound

     T-277-2 Cable Fill Urethane Sealant

     S-96-1  Urethane Encapsulant

     S-96-2 Two-Part Flexible Urethane Potting and Encapsulating Compound

     U-73-3  Two Part Flexible Urethane Potting And Encapsulating Compound

     U-81-2 Two-Part Flexible Urethane Potting and Encapsulating Compound

     U-120-1  Two Part Urethane Adhesive / Encapsulant

     U-120-2  Two Part Urethane Adhesive / Encapsulant

     Silicone Conductive System